Build better relationships and a good business environment

A collection of my practical advices to aid you, no matter the state of your progress on achieving it.

Build better relationships and a good business environment

A collection of my practical advices to aid you, no matter the state of your progress on achieving it.

Judging selected others. Fiercely criticizing them for no apparent reason. Refuting their used words or claiming that any of their contrary views are not valid. All these actions snatch something away from both you and the others in your environment.

This means we feel like we are superior to them. Or in some odd way, they need our control or authority. Doing so will destroy our skill to maintain affection and respect towards people who surround us. One day it will be impossible for us to produce any semblance of reflection of respect when we demand it most.

Advice #1: We cannot allow others to affect us overmuch

We must meet in the middle and acknowledge this type of of energy exchange. We must be honest with ourselves and live with our truth. Respect the vast variety of differences in people. Refrain, if at all possible, from abusing power and energy. They are like an evil plague that leads to addiction and the doom of a personality.

Advice #2: Shallow wounds heal but deep wounds heal too

The Divine does not mean perfection. It means essence, devotion, and authenticity. Treating others as we would like to be treated. It means digging deep into who we are. It is not into what we desire to be or what we were. It means accepting our fears hand in hand with our courage. Reject living in absolute denial of the tasks that need to be finished immediately, or on the spot.

I know, sometimes the need to stand up or defend ourselves is extremely strong. We must ignore those who look to criticize or take away from us. It is not always straightforward. Sometimes, they catch us in their spider web. Our vibration wears off as we try to show them how damaging their words can be. Typically, this doesn't resolve anything at all. It can aid us to clear someone's negative projection from our inner selves.

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Advice #3: Be more genuine

The unique connections that work in the long run remain the ones that you care about. Connecting meaningfully with people by heart is not an easy job. Whether you are an introvert, just starting over, or want to naturally make a new essential human connection. It was that way in the historical past. Long before we started carefully hiding behind the illuminated screens. Nowadays it is a lot harder. All professionals mutually agree. If you are naturally a classic introvert, it can be an extremely substantial obstacle to overcome.

  • I hope people will begin to prefer words of love, to inspire others with kindness and support. Not to force others down, but make them feel any better and stronger.
  • I hope that people will start sharing their thoughts, opinions, and diverse points of view in a more proper manner. We need each other more than ever. Harmony and unity remain our goals. Nothing more than that requires our care and desire to work on and clarify them.

In conclusion

Follow the advice above if you want to overcome the destructive and negative forces. Remember, we will never overcome them completely, it is impossible. They stay in the abuse cycle and try to take away from others. This happens in sync with establishing our beliefs and convictions. We are all on our unique life journey to the truth.

Our mutual respect can be a foundation for our better society. It serves everyone.

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